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(Pier 70)

*not safe for work*

(originally posted June 7, 2016)
Cam stared into the refrigerator, not really seeing anything at all. There was plenty to eat, he knew that much, but he had no freaking idea what it was he wanted. If anything.

“Figure it out?” Gannon asked from somewhere behind him.

Cam shook his head. 

It was his night to cook and, quite frankly, he was beginning to hate these nights. It wasn’t that Cam didn’t know how to cook, it was that he didn’t have the same creativity that Gannon did when it came to food. A frozen pizza or even frozen lasagna usually were the first things to come to mind when he thought about dinner.

Gannon’s warm body pressed up against his back, and Cam took a deep breath, closing the refrigerator door.

“How about…” Gannon kissed the back of Cam’s neck. “Lemon pepper chicken and baked broccoli.”

Cam’s stomach rumbled.

Gannon chuckled against Cam’s ear right before he nibbled at his lobe.

“Keep that up and dinner’s gonna be on hold indefinitely,” Cam warned his husband.

“Is that right?” Gannon’s arms slid around him, his fingers dipping beneath Cam’s shirt as they worked their way over his stomach, pausing on the fly of his shorts. “I think I can handle that.”

“Can you?” Cam leaned his head forward, allowing Gannon better access to his neck.

“Oh, I definitely can.”

“What about dinner?”

Gannon chuckled. “I’d much prefer having you for dinner.”

Cam’s dick throbbed behind his zipper. It didn’t take much for Gannon to get him worked up. In fact, it was becoming a fairly frequent thing, especially on nights Cam was supposed to cook. 

The thought made him smile. 

Gannon pressed his hips forward, grinding his impressive erection against Cam’s ass. A moan tore from Cam’s throat at the thought of having Gannon buried to the hilt inside him. Right here in the kitchen. Mmm. He definitely liked that idea.

“I can read your mind, you know,” Gannon whispered, his fingers now deftly working the button on Cam’s shorts open.

“Yeah?” His voice was raspy, his breaths growing more labored as Gannon lowered the zipper on his shorts.

Gannon’s hand smoothly slipped into Cam’s shorts, his hand firmly fisting around his hardening shaft. “You’re thinking about how good it’d be if I were inside you right now.” Gannon stroked Cam’s length, making him groan. “Am I right?”

“Oh yeah,” Cam confirmed. No sense in lying about it. There wasn’t a minute that went by that he didn’t want this man. Everything Gannon did turned him on. From those starchy suits he wore, to those hot-as-fuck glasses…the way he walked, the way he talked, the way he breathed…Yep, Cam couldn’t deny that he was turned on by Gannon Burgess in a way he’d never been before. And still, even after they’d been together for more than a year and a half, having been married for almost four months, his desire continued to grow.
Cam felt cool air brush his legs as his shorts fell to the floor, pooling at his feet. He couldn’t resist thrusting his hips forward, driving his dick into Gannon’s silky-smooth palm. Those damn manicures made for some amazing hand jobs.

“Lose the shirt,” Gannon ordered.

Cam hurriedly lifted his shirt up and over his head, dropping it to the floor.

Gannon’s mouth was once again beside Cam’s ear as he whispered, “Now turn around so I can put that beautiful dick in my mouth.”

Holy fuck. His dick was onboard with that idea, and it didn’t take long for his body to catch up. Turning around, he gripped the edge of the counter, trying to keep his balance as his head spun from the desire that made him light-headed.

Gannon wasted no time, dropping to his knees before Cam. Without breaking contact, the devilishly handsome man leaned forward and…

“Oh, yeah,” Cam groaned as the furnace of Gannon’s mouth slipped over the head of Cam’s dick.

For what felt like an eternity, Gannon sucked and licked Cam’s cock, working him into a frenzy. His knuckles were white as he continued to grip the countertop with all his strength, trying not to come too soon. It felt too damn good.

Gannon’s mouth slipped off his dick, allowing Cam to draw in a deep breath.

“Come in my mouth, baby,” Gannon ordered. “Then after dinner, I’ll treat you to dessert.”

Oh, shit. This man…

When Gannon’s mouth encircled his cock one more time, Cam couldn’t resist reaching forward and sliding one hand into Gannon’s thick, silky hair, holding him tightly as he began pumping his hips.

“God, I love your mouth,” he mumbled. “So fucking much.” He grinned. “And I fucking love when you blow me with your glasses on.” In fact, Cam found those glasses sexier than any damn thing.

Gannon moaned, the vibrations ricocheting straight to Cam’s balls. He began thrusting his hips faster, using Gannon’s mouth until he was damn near blinded with sensations that overtook his entire body. An electrical charge started somewhere low, intensifying as it spread outward until he was vibrating with the need to…

“Fuck…coming…” He couldn’t hold back. 

With a firm grip around Cam’s dick, Gannon sucked him dry, laving him until Cam had to pull away, his dick too sensitive for more. 
Gannon chuckled as he got to his feet, leaning in and kissing Cam firmly on the mouth.

“Lemon pepper chicken, huh?” Cam asked, trying to remember why he’d come to the kitchen in the first place.

“Yep.” Gannon grinned as he took a step back. “And don’t think I’m not onto your game, honey.”

Cam frowned, trying to contain his smile. “Game? What game?”

Gannon laughed. “The one where you stand in front of the refrigerator and ponder how long it’ll take before I come in here and suck you off.”

Okay, so maybe Gannon was on to him. “I think you like my game,” Cam teased.

“Oh, I like it all right. But remember, dessert comes after dinner, which means I’ve got plenty of time to come up with all the naughty things 
I plan to do to you later.”

​Well, of course. Dessert had always been Cam’s favorite part of the meal. Always.
<![CDATA[Going to the grocery store]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 01:09:34 GMThttp://nicoleedwardsauthor.com/a-day-in-the-life-of/going-to-the-grocery-store
(Alluring Indulgence)

(originally posted May 5, 2015)
The second they turned down the aisle, Zane smiled. As he continued to walk beside his wife, he scanned the shelf for what he was looking for.


Grabbing the package, he nonchalantly placed it into the cart that V was pushing, continuing to walk slowly.

“Why’d you put that in there?” V questioned, stopping abruptly to look at him.

“Why not?” Zane responded, glancing down into the cart at the Oreos he’d just tossed in. 

“I thought you were trying to eat healthy?”

Zane peered up at his wife, then back down the cart. “Those are healthy.”

“In what universe?” she questioned with a smirk.

He loved when she smiled. That was part of the reason he’d tossed the cookies into the cart, simply to make her smile.

“You like Oreos, right?” he asked, feigning ignorance. Oreos were V’s favorite.

“You know I do,” she said.

“Then if you eat them, that’s healthy for me.”

“Zane Walker, that’s not how this is supposed to work.”

Moving up behind her, Zane wrapped his arms around her and kissed the side of her neck. “Really? It’s worked up to this point.”

Smiling, Zane placed his hands on the handle and began moving forward, keeping V trapped between his body and the cart. As they passed the section of chocolate chip cookies, he grabbed a package and tossed them in the cart as well.

“Hey!” she replied with a chuckle.

Pressing his lips to her ear, he lowered his voice. “Those are for when you’re really good.”

“And what do you consider ‘good’?” V questioned.

“Wait till we get home and I’ll show you.”
<![CDATA[Giving the dog a bath]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 01:06:17 GMThttp://nicoleedwardsauthor.com/a-day-in-the-life-of/giving-the-dog-a-bath
(Alluring Indulgence)

(originally posted March 23, 2015)
“Come on, boy,” Sawyer called to Buster, making his way through the living room toward his bedroom. Without missing a beat, Sawyer went right to the bathtub and turned on the water. While the tub filled, he glanced over at the door, expecting to see Buster standing there.

He didn’t expect Buster to be merrily wagging his tail because, it was true, his dog didn’t particularly care for baths, but Buster had always eventually given in.

Didn’t look as though that were the case today.

“Buster!” Sawyer yelled, hoping the little dog could hear him in the other room. “Come on, buddy. It’ll take five minutes.”

Sawyer sat on his haunches, waiting for Buster to come running. It’d never taken more than two requests before.

“What’re you doin’ in here?” 

Sawyer’s gaze lifted to Kennedy as she stepped into the doorway of the bathroom.

“Tryin’ to get him in the bath, but he’s ignorin’ me.” Raising his voice a little, he called out to Buster again.

Kennedy smiled, but that quickly morphed into a full-fledged laugh.

“What’re you laughin’ at?” Sawyer asked.

“Nothin’,” she said, through bouts of giggling.

“What? Seriously?”

“I just thought your powers of persuasion generally got you whatever you wanted.”

Turning off the water, Sawyer got to his feet, staring down into the half-filled tub before smirking at Kennedy again.

“Are you losin’ your touch, cowboy?”

Sawyer glared at her, fighting a grin.

“Stay there, I’ll get him,” Kennedy said sweetly, a wide smile on her face.

“Good luck,” Sawyer told her. “If he won’t come in here when I call, he ain’t gonna…” 

“Good boy,” Kennedy crooned at Buster, who appeared in the doorway beside Kennedy. “Wanna get a bath?”

Sawyer stepped out of the way as Kennedy continued to sweetly convince Buster to follow her into the bathroom.

“You’ll have to put him in there yours—”

“Jump in,” Kennedy instructed and sure as shit, Buster jumped right up onto the edge of the tub and then into the water, splashing Kennedy and making her laugh.

Sawyer stared blankly at the scene before him. “How’d you do that?”

Kneeling on the floor beside the tub, Kennedy glanced up at him over her shoulder, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “Looks like you’re better with the ladies, Sawyer. I suggest you don’t give up your day job.”

Kennedy moved closer, dropping to his knees behind her, nuzzling his mouth to her ear. “For the record, I’m good with one lady. And how do you know I didn’t do this on purpose, just so I didn’t have to give him a bath?”

“Because I know you,” she whispered. “You’re not that good.”

Oh, he was that good. 

And in a few minutes, once they were alone, without the inquisitive brown eyes of his dog peering up at them, he’d show her.
<![CDATA[Going to a game]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 01:01:26 GMThttp://nicoleedwardsauthor.com/a-day-in-the-life-of/going-to-a-game
(A Million Tiny Pieces)

originally posted March 23, 2015)
“Did you expect her to get this excited?” Tarik asked Phoenix as he watched Mia jump up and yell at the ref for a bad call.

Phoenix smirked. “She’s a little passionate, that’s for sure.”

“A little?” Unable to help himself, Tarik grinned. 

Truth was, he loved watching Mia at the games. Ever since the first one they’d taken her to months ago, she’d asked to go back. Now, it was at the point that she attended every home game and several away games when they managed to get her to go with them. With school, she couldn’t get away as much as they’d have preferred, but at least it was something.

Her jersey read Pierce-Marx with the number three on the back and Tarik remembered the day she’d showed it to them, a surprise on her part. The fact that the jersey was fitted and short enough to show off her sweet little ass encased in those hip-hugging jeans only made her that much hotter.

“Are you serious, ref?” Mia squealed before plopping back down in her seat. “Did you see that? Can you believe that call?”

Tarik laughed along with Phoenix. When Mia turned her head to look at them, frowning as she did, Tarik took her hand. “You okay?”

“No,” she grumbled, although she smiled brightly as she did. “Are these games always this stressful?”

“Only for the owners… and die-hard fans,” Phoenix told her.

“Well, that explains it,” Mia replied, her eyes returning to the ice.

She leaned forward, her elbows on her knees as she watched the action directly in front of her. When the players migrated to the end of the ice where they were seated, Tarik leaned back in his chair, waiting. He didn’t have to wait long because Mia launched herself up from her seat and slammed her hands on the glass, yelling at the players.

Phoenix laughed again, but then got to his feet before wrapping his arms around Mia and pulling her back.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Tarik joined them and then followed Phoenix up the stairs toward the mezzanine. 

“Where are we going?” Mia questioned, her head turning, her eyes meeting Tarik’s over Phoenix’s shoulder.

Tarik shrugged, trying not to laugh.

The woman was something else.

Phoenix didn’t bother explaining himself as he set her on her feet, took her hand and then led her toward the owner’s suite. The thought of what was going to happen next made Tarik’s body harden.

This wasn’t the first time Phoenix had intervened with one of Mia’s tirades and maybe that was the reason Tarik loved how passionate she got at the games. It always worked out in his favor in the end. 

Once inside the suite, Tarik closed and locked the door, effectively sealing the three of them inside.

Mia made a beeline for the glass that overlooked the arena. The view wasn’t nearly as good from up there as it had been a moment ago down on the floor, but Tarik didn’t mind much. At the moment, there was something—or rather someone… no, make that two someones—who’d garnered his full attention.

“I thought maybe you’d like to work off a little of that energy,” Phoenix told Mia, stalking toward her. 

Tarik laughed. He wasn’t going to argue with that idea.

“Is that right?” Mia asked, her voice low, seductive, as she turned to face them, her back to the glass. “And how do you propose I do that?”

The first time Tarik and Phoenix had brought Mia to the owner’s suite, they hadn’t bothered to inform her that no one could see in but they could see out. Instead, they’d teased her mercilessly and gotten her naked right there in that very room.

Similar to what Tarik intended to do now. Apparently, based on the gleam in Phoenix’s eyes, he intended the same thing.


Mia tried not to look too pleased with herself. She’d known exactly what they were planning to do if she got too aggressive down near the ice and she’d purposely amped up her enthusiasm with that in mind.

Not that she hadn’t been engrossed in the game because she had. But she was more interested in what was about to happen than a bunch of men on ice skates.

These two men took every ounce of her concentration, especially when they were looking at her the way they were now. 

Mia watched as Phoenix removed his jacket, shrugging out of it and laying it over one of the leather chairs before starting to unhook the buttons on his crisp white shirt. He’d lost the tie at her insistence prior to the game… Well, actually, she’d managed to get him out of it in the limo on the way to the arena and she’d refused to give it back, telling him she wanted him to loosen up a bit.

Her eyes darted to Tarik, not wanting him to hold back. The last time they’d been in the suite, she’d been the only one naked and she really didn’t want that to be the case tonight.

Her eyes widened when Tarik reached behind his head, grabbed a handful of cotton and pulled the lightweight sweater he was wearing over his head. 

She sighed.

It was an involuntary response to the two sexy men in front of her. All hard muscle and sheer determination they were.

“Your turn,” Phoenix instructed when he removed his shirt entirely.

Feeling a tad modest, Mia lifted her jersey slowly before taking it completely off. “That better?”

“A little,” Tarik mumbled as he reached for her, pulling her against his firm chest. 

When his mouth came down to meet hers, Mia lost herself in his kiss. He smelled good, a woodsy, musky scent that did incredible things to her insides. 

As proof of how distracted she was when they were near, Mia found herself completely naked in minutes, with both men pressed up against her, Tarik against her front, Phoenix against her back.

“Mmm,” Phoenix groaned in her ear. “I definitely like you like this.”

Her body heated another twenty degrees instantly and when Tarik tweaked her nipples, tugging them gently with his fingers, she fell back against Phoenix, begging for more. Tarik didn’t disappoint, leaning down and taking one nipple between his lips, his teeth and tongue joining the mix, tormenting her until Mia thought she would explode. 

And knowing her men, that was going to happen very, very soon.

And she couldn’t freaking wait.
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(Club Destiny)

*not safe for work*

originally posted December 31, 2014
Luke glanced around at the people who’d chosen to spend the last day of the year at his club. They were packed from wall to wall, which, now that he thought about it, really wasn’t much different than any other night. Not these days anyway. 

The club was doing well, better than he’d expected to be quite honest. After what happened with The Club @ Club Destiny, he’d been a little leery about Devotion going in, but Cole had proven to be a worthy partner, increasing memberships and ensuring the safety of their clientele.

But, Luke wasn’t there to dwell on that now. No, he was there to spend some quality time with his husband and his wife, who were . . . nowhere to be found.

“Have you seen Sierra and Cole?” Luke asked Xander as he passed by.

Xander nodded with his chin toward the stairs. “Last I saw, they were securing a room.”

Luke frowned. Why would they need a room when he and Cole both had offices? If privacy was what they were looking for, wouldn’t they just go there? Regardless, he was going to find out. “Thanks.”

Xander muttered “your welcome” as he took Mercedes’s hand and led her toward one of the pieces of equipment they’d pulled out tonight, currently in the center of the main floor. Luke generally enjoyed watching the two of them scene together, but it was closing in on midnight and he didn’t intend to spend it alone watching someone else getting off. No, if anyone was going to be getting off, it was him. Right after Sierra and Cole.

His cock hardened as he headed for the stairs. He passed numerous others in various stages of play. Logan, Samantha and Elijah hadn’t even bothered with a room. They were occupying one of the leather couches seemingly enjoying themselves. Luke noticed Shane talking to a woman Luke didn’t recognize and Trent was occupying a dark corner, a blonde woman on her knees at his feet, his dick buried in her mouth.

Doing his best not to think about everyone else having a good time while he seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse, Luke ascended the stairs, his focus on finding what he was looking for. 

Once he was on the second floor, he glanced into each room as he passed. Nope, no Sierra, no Cole.

What the hell?

When his search proved fruitless, he glanced over the railing and that was when he saw them. Sierra and Cole weren’t in a private room like Xander had said, they were . . . Holy fuck. 

Moving with purpose, Luke descended the stairs, returning to the first floor once again and making a beeline for the glass enclosed room they were occupying. Typing in the master code to open the door, Luke entered, his eyes trained on the scene in front of him.

“And just what the hell do y’all think you’re doin’ in here?” he asked, his brows furrowed as he looked at his stunningly beautiful wife on her knees with Cole’s thick cock lodged deep in her throat.

“Waiting for you,” Cole said gruffly, his fingers twined in Sierra’s silky black hair as he held her head and fucked her mouth.

“I would’ve been here sooner if you’d have issued me an invite,” Luke said, moving closer as he unbuttoned his slacks and freed his rock-hard cock.

“We did,” Cole confirmed. “Not that it matters now.”

“Oh, it fucking matters,” Luke told him gruffly.

Cole’s blue eyes flashed, darkening with his intensifying arousal. 

Rather than make a request, Luke gripped the back of Cole’s head and pulled him close, crushing his mouth to Cole’s. The kiss was brutally intense and so fucking sweet, Luke wasn’t sure he remembered what he’d intended to do when he walked into the room. When Cole’s big hand gripped Luke’s cock, his memory was jogged.

“Nuh-uh,” he warned Cole. “On your knees. But first, take your clothes off.”

“Off?” Cole asked, his eyes sliding to the glass walls and the people standing on the outside looking in.

Luke grinned. “Off. And you . . .” He crooked his finger at Sierra, encouraging her to get to her feet. When she did, he pulled her into his arms and lifted her, forcing her to wrap her legs around him. As always, kissing Sierra sent him into orbit, all thought fleeing with the exception of figuring out how quickly he could get his dick buried in her slick cunt. 

Easing himself into one of the chairs that sat in the center of the room, Luke lowered Sierra to his lap, his mouth seeking hers. 

When Cole cleared his throat, a clear signal that he was naked as instructed, Luke drew away from Sierra, glancing over her shoulder. “Lube.”

Cole nodded and then ventured to the steel cabinet in the corner, retrieving what he needed and returning quickly. Without further instruction, Cole went to his knees in front of Luke. 

“Oh, fuck,” Luke growled when Cole’s wicked mouth wrapped around him, sucking him deep. “Hell yeah. Suck me, Cole. Suck me hard.”

Returning his lips to Sierra’s, Luke wrapped her hair around his fist, holding her head still while he plundered her mouth, reveling in the way she slid her tongue against his as Cole expertly sucked Luke’s dick. Anyone who thought two wasn’t better than one didn’t have a fucking clue. Luke was living the dream, and moments like this one were what he craved. They didn’t happen nearly as often as they used to, not with Hannah getting bigger. It seemed that the three of them were usually too busy to make time, always coming up with one excuse or another, so when opportunities like this presented themselves, they were eager to take them.

“Fuck me,” Sierra whispered against his lips. “I want you both inside me at the same time.”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. 

“Put my cock inside her,” Luke instructed Cole.

Cole’s solid grip wrapped around Luke’s cock, stroking slowly, teasing him while he did as he was told. 

“Mmmm,” Sierra moaned against Luke’s neck. “I need you to fuck me hard.”

“My pleasure. But Sierra?”

“Huh?” she questioned without looking up. 

“We’re gonna fuck you like you need, but you can’t come until midnight.” Luke glanced at the clock. The countdown was getting close. There were only six minutes left until midnight.

“That’s not fair,” she whimpered as Luke gripped her hips and thrust up inside her. 

“Oh, it’s fair,” he assured her, his eyes meeting Cole’s. 

Luke got to his feet, his dick buried inside Sierra as he lifted her with him. He carried her across the room where he could lean against the wall. The room wasn’t equipped with a bed the way the private rooms upstairs were, so they had to make do with what they had. Or in this case, what they didn’t have. 

Not that they hadn’t done this plenty of times.

Bracing Sierra in his arms, Luke leaned his back against the wall, his eyes locked with Cole as the other man joined them. Cole took over, adjusting Sierra’s position and helping to hold her weight as Cole guided himself inside her ass.

“Fuck,” Cole groaned as he slid in deep. 

Luke could feel the hard ridge of Cole’s erection inside Sierra’s body. He loved when they DP’d her. It was one of his favorite things to do, and she seemed to enjoy it as well. Luke knew that was because it was the one way to bring the three of them together as one.

As he began to pump his hips forward, then withdrawing slowly, he held Sierra still while Cole did the same. They managed a consistent, steady rhythm that consumed the three of them. Luke tuned out everything else going on around them, didn’t even realize that the club had started counting down as they neared midnight. 

“Harder,” Sierra pleaded. 

Luke alternated with Cole, plunging into her tight sheath while she held on tightly. When she shifted, twisting her head so that she could meet Cole’s mouth, Luke leaned in, finding their mouths with his own briefly as the countdown moved into the teens. 

Unable to hold the kiss because the mind-blowing pleasure was more than he could bear, Luke stood to his full height, shifted Sierra slightly as he began fucking her ruthlessly. Cole pressed closer, his cock lodged deep in her ass, Luke’s momentum rocking them all. 

“Five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . .”

“Come for us, Sierra,” Luke growled. “Fucking come for us, now.”

“One! Happy New Year!” sounded from outside the room.

Sierra’s muscles clamped down on Luke’s cock, strangling his dick with undeniable pleasure as her orgasm gripped her. She cried out their names and Luke plummeted over the edge, his eyes locked with Cole’s.

“Love you both,” Luke mumbled as his body erupted at the same time Cole’s did.

And as he came back down, Luke made a new year’s resolution, something he never did. But this one was important. No more excuses about not enough time in a day. And their reward . . . Well, that was easy. 

More. Of. That.
<![CDATA[Opening presents]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:53:04 GMThttp://nicoleedwardsauthor.com/a-day-in-the-life-of/opening-presents
(Dead Heat Ranch)

(originally posted December 25, 2014)
“What the hell is this?” Lane questioned as he pulled a small box out of the larger box he’d just spent the last five minutes trying to unwrap. The smaller box had been hidden in the folds of a Realtree T-shirt. Truth was, Lane would’ve been content with the shirt.

“Open it and you’ll find out,” Gracie informed him, snickering as she glanced over at Grant. “You, too. You have to open yours at the same time.”

Grant looked as though he was having as much difficulty as Lane was and that made him feel a little better.

As it was, he wasn’t sure what to expect from her. At first, he’d figured He was in trouble here, he could feel it. 

Placing the larger box on the ground beside him, Lane went to work on the smaller box, doing his best to get his fingernails beneath the tape. Apparently, his girl thought she was funny when she’d wrapped the box and then secured it with a freaking roll of tape.

Finally managing to get the smaller box opened at the same time Grant managed to pry his own open, Lane peered inside to find . . . 

“Holy shit.” Looking up at Gracie with his mouth hanging open, Lane tried to understand what he was looking at. Well, in his defense, he knew what it was, but for her to have bought it for him. He wasn’t even sure what to say.

“Is this…?” Grant asked, his expression reflecting the same shock Lane felt.

“Please tell me you like them,” Gracie said, her eyes glassy with tears.

“It’s . . . incredible,” Lane assured her.

“And now it’s official,” she told them. “I’ve got my ring and y’all have yours. I know you probably can’t wear them when you’re workin’, but I wanted you both to have somethin’ that shows who you belong to.”

Gracie’s smile lanced Lane’s heart.

He’d considered this Christmas the best one yet, and that was for the simple fact that he had Gracie and Grant by his side. But this . . . it was more than he expected.

“Now the only question is . . . When are we gonna make this official?” Grant asked, his eyes narrowed as he glanced from Lane to Gracie and then back again.

Lane shrugged. “As soon as she sets the date, I’m there.”

Gracie grinned. “Let’s just say that 2015 is lookin’ like a good year for the three of us.”

Crawling over to Gracie, Lane crowded her until she was flat on her back, giggling while Grant joined them. “I’m thinkin’ 2014 has been pretty damn incredible.”

“No argument from me,” Grant stated. “But I can think of a few ways to make it even more memorable. Starting right . . . now.”

“Hell yeah,” Lane agreed. “I’m all for makin’ memories. Especially naked ones.”
<![CDATA[Dinner's Ready]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:47:19 GMThttp://nicoleedwardsauthor.com/a-day-in-the-life-of/dinners-ready
(Devil's Bend)

(originally posted June 12, 2014)
“Dinner’s ready!” Tessa hollered as she grabbed the huge bag of dog food that had yet to be emptied into the bucket.

“What’re we havin’?” Cooper asked, walking into the room sans shirt and shoes.

Tessa grinned at her husband. “Not your dinner.”

“What? Then why’d you yell?” he asked, scratching the top of his head.

“Havoc and Harmony have to eat too, you know.”

“Before me?” 

“Yours is cookin’.” 

“And you couldn’t have just said that?” 

“You didn’t ask,” Tessa argued, scooping dog food into one of the bowls before setting it aside and doing the same to the other.

“I did, too,” Cooper countered, his tone surprisingly frustrated.

Tessa did enjoy getting him riled up, even if he hadn’t caught on to the fact that she was doing exactly that.

Cooper had to sidestep the two giant dogs that came barreling into the kitchen, tongues lolling as they stared at the bowls with desperation in their huge eyes. 

Knowing better than to tease the animals when they were hungry, because after all, Cooper was the one she enjoyed teasing, Tessa placed the bowls on the floor and took a step back. Havoc and Harmony didn’t waste any time before the dove in face first.

“So, what’s for dinner?” Cooper asked again, this time coming up behind her and nuzzling her neck. He had just showered and holy hell he smelled good. Too good.

“Food,” she answered a little breathlessly, tilting her head slightly to give him better access.

“What kind of food?” 

“Hot food.”

“Lord, have mercy, woman. Can’t you ever just give me a simple answer?”

“That’d be too easy,” Tessa teased, reaching around and sliding her fingers into the hair at Cooper’s nape. 

“Well, darlin’, I can assure you that nothin’ about you is easy. Not sure why I expected it to change anytime soon. I guess I should just be lucky you’re cookin’ for me.”

“Exactly.” And with that, Tessa turned in the circle of Cooper’s arms and planted a big, wet kiss on his lips. “But maybe if you’re good, I won’t make you eat on the floor.”
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(Alluring Indulgence)

(originally posted May 25, 2014)
“What is that?” Ethan asked when he walked into the living room to find Beau up on a ladder.

“It’s a banner, what do you think it is?” 

“Why are you putting it up?” 

“Uhh… because we’re having a party,” Beau answered, glancing over his shoulder.

Ethan sighed heavily. He had never understood the need to decorate for a party. Especially when the invitation went out describing what the party was for. So, why in the world did someone need to decorate their house with all sorts of crap reflecting the reason for the party?

“I get that,” he told Beau. “I’m just not sure why we have to go through all the trouble.”

“Because it’s fun. And Mason will like it,” Beau offered.

“Fun? And Mason’s only five months old. I’m not sure why he would care.”

“Oh, come on, don’t be grumpy,” Beau retorted, turning his attention back to putting the banner up.

Ethan knew he wasn’t going to win this argument. He never did. Partly because Beau was hard-headed. The other part was because he’d let Beau do whatever he wanted if it made him happy. That’d become Ethan’s mantra ever since the day they got married. He loved this man and his happiness – even if it included cheap ass banners and stupid balloons – was the most important thing.

“Fine,” Ethan told Beau, turning to leave. “I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t doing it for other reasons?”

“Like?” Beau asked before Ethan could step out of the room.

“Oh, you know. I just wanted to remind you that we’re gay. Not women.”

Beau’s rumbling laugh followed Ethan out of the room, making him smile. Yeah, Beau could do whatever he wanted, as long as he always laughed like that. 
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(Club Destiny)

(originally posted May 22, 2014)
Cole glanced up from his desk to see Luke coming into his office. The man never bothered to knock. Not that he necessarily expected him to.

“Will you be done soon?”

Cole glanced back down at the papers on his desk, then back up to Luke. “An hour, maybe?”

Luke stepped to the side, as though he were making way for… Sierra stepped in, and Luke shut the door behind them both.

“Hey,” Cole greeted his wife, leaning back in his chair after dropping his pen on the desk. “What’re you doing here?”

“I just stopped by to say hello. To make sure my boys didn’t need anything.”

Cole glanced up at Luke. Yeah, the other man had the exact same expression Cole did. 

They fucking loved when she stopped by to check on them. That was code for she was ready to get down and dirty right there in one of their offices. Cole was the lucky one today. 

Pushing to his feet because he suddenly longed to touch her, he headed toward where she stood. Before he could get his hands on her though, she stepped around to the other side of his desk. The place he had just vacated.

“Don’t get ahead of yourselves just yet,” she informed them as she gracefully eased into his chair, steepling her hands together on his desk as she watched them closely. 

Cole glanced back at Luke. 

“Did you have something you wanted to talk about?” Luke asked, his voice gruff with anticipation.

Sierra’s monthly chats generally involved Luke and Cole both getting naked. 

In the last few months, she’d started this role playing thing. Acting as though she were the boss, and they were her subordinates. At first Cole had found it amusing. That was until she decided to make her own demands and as the boss, according to her, she got to instruct her employees on what they needed to do.

He didn’t have a problem with that.

Luke didn’t seem to either.

“It’s been brought to my attention that the two of you haven’t been giving one hundred percent to the job,” she told them seriously.

Cole fought the urge to laugh and managed somehow.

Luke failed.

“You. Over here,” Sierra ordered, her bright blue eyes focused on Luke. “Naked.”

Luke grinned, but did as he was told. As far as undressing was concerned, the man probably held the world record for speed. He had shed his shoes, his jeans and his shirt off before he made it around the desk.

“Like this?” Luke asked, his hand circling his cock as it continued to lengthen.

Sierra looked over, giving his cock a cursory glance before turning back to Cole. She was pretty damned good at pretending not to be as turned on as he knew she was. Shit, one look at Luke naked did it for Cole, he knew she got off on it too. The man was fucking hot.

“I think I’m going to have to write him up for insubordination,” Sierra told Cole. “Unless, of course, you can think of a way for him to work off his disobedience.”

Oh, Cole could think of plenty of ways. He met Luke’s gaze head on, noticing the heat that intensified in the hazel depths. “I can think of a few,” Cole told them. 

He glanced back at Sierra who nodded. “Why don’t you come sit on the edge of the desk so I can make sure he does what he’s supposed to do,” Sierra instructed.

Cole didn’t waste a second. As he moved around to where Luke stood and Sierra was sitting, he unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his cock as he went. He was already fully erect, but what the hell did they expect? He loved when Sierra took the liberty to add some creativity to their day to day.

Leaning against the edge of the desk, Cole widened his stance, making room for Luke between his legs. “On your knees,” Cole told Luke, who was glaring at him. 

But just as he expected, Luke went to his knees right in front of Cole, their eyes never separating.

“Suck me.”

Fucking shit. 

Cole sucked in a harsh breath when Luke wrapped his lips around his straining cock, sucking him into the blazing hot depths of his mouth without hesitation. The heat sent razor sharp pleasure shooting through Cole’s balls. 

Now that hadn’t been expected.

Luke usually liked to pretend he was resisting, playing the part that he’d grown so familiar with, but had willingly given up months and months ago. 

“Fuck,” Cole hissed as he slid his hand into Luke’s dark hair. “Damn that feels good.”

Cole couldn’t take his eyes off of Luke, riveted to where Luke’s beautiful mouth wrapped around him. In his peripheral vision, he noticed Sierra move. She pushed the chair away as she went to her knees beside Luke. She didn’t interrupt Luke’s phenomenal suction action though. Instead, she reached between Cole’s legs and cupped his balls.

He wasn’t going to last long, but he was sure the two of them knew it. That was always their plan when they ganged up on him like this. And no matter whether Sierra had acted as though he had the power, he knew better. These two owned him. Body, heart and soul. They could do to him as they wished, and he would love every second of it.

“Suck him deeper,” Sierra encouraged, her whispered words making Cole’s balls draw up tightly to his body. 

He gripped Luke’s hair tighter, holding him in place as he began rocking his hips, driving deep. “Fuck yes. I’m gonna come in your mouth. Is that what you want?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Sonuvabitch,” Cole growled when Luke swallowed him deeper than he’d ever done before. “Shit. That’s it. Luke…” A growl escaped as his body tensed, his release tearing through him while Luke peered up at him from his knees. 

Oh, the man was good. Damn good. 

Luke knew it too. 

And Cole knew, without a doubt, Luke was going to get his payback in the very near future.

He couldn’t fucking wait.
<![CDATA[Waiting For You]]>Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:32:01 GMThttp://nicoleedwardsauthor.com/a-day-in-the-life-of/waiting-for-you
(Club Destiny)

(originally posted March 21, 2014)
“Daddy, read it again,” Haley begged as soon as Kane closed the book. He’d already read this particular one four times tonight. Smiling down at his daughter who was curled up on her side, hugging her teddy bear to her chest, Kane knew he wouldn’t refuse her.

“One more time, ok? But this time I want you to close your eyes while I read.”

Haley nodded with a huge smile on her face.

“Close your eyes.”

She did and he opened the book once more. As soon as he started reading, she peeked open one eye, looking up at him. He stopped reading. “I won’t read unless you keep your eyes closed.”

“But, Daddy…” she pleaded, sounding genuinely upset.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, closing the book but keeping his finger inside to hold his place.

“If I close my eyes, I’m gonna fall asleep.”

Kane chuckled. That was the plan, he thought to himself. He said, “And when you wake up, we’re gonna go see Grandma. Don’t you want to go to sleep?”

Again she nodded, her eyes wide. “Ok then, let’s try it one more time.”

Haley closed her eyes, and he started again. He’d only made it five pages in when he noticed she was out like a light. Her little mouth was partially open, her soft breaths had slowed. Knowing that if he moved too soon she’d wake up, so Kane sat there, watching her. He wasn’t sure he could love someone more than he loved his daughter. 

The door opened, and he looked up to see Lucie peeking in the darkened room.

He smiled at her. The other love of his life. 

He nodded, knowing she was checking to see if Haley had finally given in to sleep. Easing off the bed slowly, he placed the book on the shelf by the door and then closed the door behind him as he stepped into the hall.

“Hi,” Lucie whispered, her eyes bright as she looked up at him.

“Hi,” he breathed.

“Come here,” she said, surprising him as she took his hand and led him toward their bedroom at the back of the house. He followed without question because he would follow this woman anywhere.

As they stepped into the room, he noticed that only a dim light from the lamps on the night stands glowed. The bed was turned down, and when he looked back at Lucie, he noticed that her hair was damp and she was wearing a silk robe.

Wow. How the hell had he missed that?

He grinned as she reached for him, pulling him closer to the bed.

Yeah, he wasn’t going to refuse her anything either. Kane would go to the ends of the earth for both of his girls. 

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she whispered softly. 

“I’m here now.”

“Yes, you are. So what are we waiting for?” 

He laughed again.

With that, Lucie unbelted her robe, shrugged, and the silk slid right down her body. He watched as it dropped to the floor, but admittedly, he was watching what she revealed more than anything.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, stepping in closer, putting his hands on her hips and slowly gliding them up, higher, higher still until he was cupping her full breasts. 

Unable to think much longer, Kane eased her back onto the bed, making sure to be careful as he came down over her. He rolled to his side, keeping his arm draped over her, one leg across hers. Resting his hand on her tummy, he smiled. 

Pretty soon he was going to have another one that he couldn’t refuse. The thought nearly brought tears to his eyes. They were having another little girl. Yes, that’s what the doctor had assured them during the last sonogram. Another sweet, beautiful little girl.

“Why are you smiling?” Lucie asked as she looked up at him, her heart in her eyes.

“You. You make me smile.” 

He noticed a shimmer of tears form in her dark brown eyes. She’d been emotional lately, because of the pregnancy she told him. So, rather than let the tears form completely, he bent his head down, pressed his lips to hers. Pulling back, he said, “I love you, Lucie.”

A mischievous gleam erased the tears and a sexy smirk tipped her lips. “Then prove it.”

Kane laughed loudly. “My pleasure.”

And with that, he proved it.